Winner, SWAIA Best Feature and Winner, SWAIA Best of Class, and Official Selection of 10 Film Festivals.

The Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho tribes which share the Wind River Indian Reservation, learn that their ancestral objects —beautiful drums, sacred pipes, weapons, and ceremonial attire  — are now owned by a nearby Episcopalian diocese and a museum in Chicago. The film follows three tribal members as they seek to recover their lost items and explores the question “who owns the past?” A young Arapaho journalist (Jordan) and a teenage powwow princess (Mikala) travel from the Wind River with a wise Shoshone elder and Vietnam veteran (Philbert) to explore these artifacts, removed from their people, their meaning being slowly lost to time. By uncovering objects kept in boxes for many years, they each begin a larger personal journey that shapes their true purpose on the reservation. A poetic, haunting, and impressionistic portrait of a place often portrayed negatively in the media.